Opposing Force is a Squad clan that has been around for a few years. We are a mix of hardcore players but there are those within our ranks that are more casual. We do however have one common goal; Whatever it takes, victory.

Each week we play in community events such as CCFN and have in the past competed in competitive tournaments and are eager to build our competitive numbers and engage in clan matches. We play Squad each evening at 19:00 UTC. Recently, we joined forces with a a group of clans to form 'The Coalition'. A server focussed on teamplay and communication. When we are not playing Squad lots of members play other games together in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

When you are accepted to OpFor you will receive a trial period for two weeks as a recruit. During the two weeks we will see if you are active enough (three times a week). If you fit in and if you like it yourself then you will become a full member . As a recruit you will not be given priority to join Community Clan Fightnight ( CCFN ) seeing as we prefer members playing that know our tactics.

Also make sure to come on teamspeak if you are playing squad!

- Age 18+
- English speaking
- 50 hours in squad
- Actively use Teamspeak
- Actively use Discord
- Don't be a dick
- 3 days a week active ( even if its just 1 round each time )
- Tell an Officer if you are going away for a certain amount of time

We like to keep the clan active and "healthy" and any members who can't stick to the requirements will be kicked. Do we still need the pubg section?

If you are interested in joining OpFor fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!



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