We are an easy going group people that love to talk shit and mess around, we also love to WIN. I think we have found a nice balance between the two. PUBG has no signs of slowing down in popularity so we started this PUBG clan division to try and get ahead of the curve. So when the competitive scene comes in, we will have a head start.
We play pretty much every night from around 15:00 UTC.

We hope to get our own server and do events as the clan division grow’s. We will be making a Competitive roster as soon as they implement a competitive game mode.

When you get accepted to OpFor you will get a Trial period for 2 weeks as a Recruit. in the 2 weeks we will see if you are active enough and if you fit in and if you like it yourself, afterwards you will become a full member or not.

Also make sure to come on teamspeak if you are playing Battlegrounds!


- Age 18+
- English speaking
- Active on PUBG & Teamspeak
- Join Teamspeak
- Join Discord
- Don't be a dick
- Tell an Officer if you are going away for a certain amount of time

We like to keep the clan active and "healthy" and any members who can't stick to the requirements will be kicked

If you are interested in joining OpFor fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!



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